An Avatar, not an Aberration

This gunman is anything but “alone.”

This smug little monster took the words of Ted Nugent, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Megyn Kelly, Phil Robertson, Laura Ingram, and so forth at face value and then he turned them into action. To pretend otherwise is to ignore mountains of evidence at hand.

Sure, those “entertainers” can gasp in shock and winge about how THEY never said any such things. (Personally, I doubt Nugent would say that, though; he’s probably raising funds for the bastard’s defense even as we speak.). But whether or not they choose to admit it, Roof is merely acting out the “revolutionary” fantasies that fuel these hatebags and fire up their audiences.

This is NOT an act performed in done in isolation. Roof is not the first person within the last few years to take this murderous rhetoric at face value nor will he – horribly – be the last to do so.

Dylan Roof is a monster for our times… and as I have often written, the word “monster” comes from Latin roots that mean “warning,” “portent,” and “to reveal.”

“Conservative” America, this is the face you have chosen.


Aren’t you proud?

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