50 Rocks: Telesterion's Debut Album Released!

This post involves moving somewhat ahead of the story with regards to my 50 Rocks series of articles. Still, it’s a rather sweet milestone for me:

My band Telesterion released our self-titled debut album yesterday, and it’s getting a very nice response.


Arising from a troupe producing a series of rock operas based upon Aleister Crowley’s Rites of Eleusis, our band has been together for roughly two years this month. We’d recorded the album this past summer, just before taking a four-month hiatus because three of our six members were staging productions of the Rite of Jupiter, which wrapped in October. Now we’re back in the swing of things, working on new material, releasing our album, and gearing up for a January 19th gig at Seattle’s Studio 7, less than two blocks from Khaos Studios, where this album was recorded.

I’ll probably be picking back up on this series soon, bringing the story back around to Telesterion in historical order and a bit more detail. For the moment, though, enjoy a sample of our new record, check out the album as a whole, and maybe help support a ragbag bunch of professional creatives who refuse to age too gracefully.







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