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Author, editor, game designer and educator “Satyr” Phil Brucato (aka Satyros) has been an active force in Urban Fantasy for over 20 years.

Best known as a columnist for Realms of Fantasy, Witches & Pagans and newWitch magazines; as the creative developer for Ravens in the Library, Mage: The Ascension, The Sorcerers Crusade, and Deliria – Faerie Tales for a New Millenium; and as the author of the webcomic Arpeggio, Satyr writes, teaches, dances and occasionally slings fire in various artistic venues.

This page features essays, articles, reflections and updates on various projects. Some are have been published before, while others are brand-new.

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2 thoughts on “Satyr's Bio

  1. Hey Satyr,
    Recently I came across mention of your webcomic, Arpeggio. I liked the description I’d seen, but the site is offline. So, I checked it out on the Wayback Machine, but it looks like most of the panels weren’t saved. After more digging, I ran across your LiveJournal, which hosted the first five pages. Again, I like what I see, but I can’t seem to find it hosted anywhere (though since “arpeggio” seems to be a relatively common word, neither it nor “arpeggio webcomic” help much with Google).
    Is there anywhere you’re still hosting it? Or failing that, is it stored somewhere publicly available, like or Dropbox?

    1. Thanks, Durpady. And sadly not. The cost of hosting the comic became too expensive, and with no money coming in, money still going out, and the realization that Bryan and I could not continue the comic due to our other commitments, I decided to just take it down altogether.

      That said, we ARE considering making the Arpeggio archives available once my Patraeon campaign goes live. There just needs to be some kind of income to offset the cost of keeping the comic online.

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